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Are you someone who believes you have the knowledge, skills and attributes to make a capable legal leader BUT you struggle to evidence your potential?

Have others given you encouragement and faith in your abilities – possibly more than you have in yourself?

And do you instinctively feel that you have reached a point in your career where having purpose in your role has come to the fore?

If. You’ve received positive external feedback from trusted individuals and consider yourself a Competent Contender for judicial/public appointment then it’s possible that the time has come for exploring the next phase of your career.

Perhaps you need to:

  • - tackle inaccurate limiting beliefs,
  • - silence the negative self talk, and
  • - address the imposter syndrome
....before you feel ready to give it your best shot?

A change in direction necessitates a growth mindset first and foremost - you’ll never know what you are truly capable of achieving unless you display the courage to ‘throw your hat in the ring’.

And If. you:

a) don’t know how /where to start, or
b) have made a start, but have hit a brick wall,

. . . then anonymous peer support (monthly online, interactive, facilitated networking on leadership development topics) and/or 1-2-1career coaching with me may help you move forward with your leadership goals and aspirations. As a former JAC & Welsh Government independent/lay assessor and ex-HR practitioner, I have first hand experience of participating in selection panels. And as a business psychologist specialising in leadership assessment, selection and development (I’m also an executive and career coach, trainer/facilitator), I’m well placed to support your growth toward your future career destination.

Register your interest below to improve your chances of selection in judicial/public appointments and leadership roles.

Membership will be launching June 2020, giving you access to valuable resources, networking and grow with peers to help you along your career journey.

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Business Psychology & Career Management

Practical assessment solutions to help employers select the right staff and leadership / management development to optimise their performance.
Career management for professionals serious about progressing to the next level.

"Successful organisations get the right people on the bus before deciding where to take it"

Jim Collins "Good to Great", 2001


Your business is unique, so finding the right individuals to "fit" snugly into your roles and your culture will be key to meeting your objectives, right? If so, then why do so many organisations devote so little time and effort to making critical selection decisions?

Selectif Ltd uses scientifically tested and robust tools and methods to improve staff productivity, performance and success in three key areas:

Square peg, round hole

LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT – matching your people to the right roles

CAREER MANAGEMENT – coaching and mentoring professionals to the next level

Square peg, round hole

TALENT ASSESSMENT & SELECTION – identifying the right behaviours, knowledge, skills and characteristics to select the right person for the job

About Us

Manjula Bray

We value making a positive difference to organisations & individuals we work with - aiming for impact through our values of commitment, integrity and excellence.

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Talent Assessment & Selection

The interview process is inherently a risky process – only time will tell if you made the right candidate choice. Using more objective tools like competency-based interviews, ability testing, personality profiling and assessment centres with realistic role-relevant scenarios, all help to identify your most talented performers.

Smart employers invest in selection decisions to enhance their decision making to avoid the costly risks of managing under-performance.

Manjula's experience from operating as a lay member on public appointments panels has shaped her stringent approach and practice in assessment and selection.

selectif uses MBTI selectif uses OPQ32 selectif uses 16pf selectif uses MTQ 48 Polaris Saville Consulting

Leadership & Management Development

Can you accurately identify who has the potential to be a top performer in your organisation?
And can you hold on to them?
Employers that truly commit to growing and nurturing their talented people reap the benefits.

Pareto's Principle suggests that 80% of your results come from just 20% of your staff.

Team and individual solutions such as interviewer / assessor training, development centres, 360° feedback and executive coaching help grow more self-aware and capable individuals that can lift your business to the next level.


Click to read PDF Report "Leadership and management development – is it worth it?"

Leadership and management development – is it worth it?

“A competent leader can get efficient service from poor troops, while on the contrary, an incapable leader can demoralize the best of troops.”
John J Pershing

Career Management

Career Management
Career Lightbulb

You know you're good at your job but is something stopping you from taking the next big career step?
Support with CV / application form reviews, competency / behavioural mock interviews may be all you need to take that first step forward.

Selectif also provides Outplacement services for employers who are reducing their workforce and employability programmes for Higher Education graduates, to support individuals in employment transition.

Manjula has supported numerous solicitors and lawyers to secure their first judicial appointment via tailored career management solutions.

"Having got to interviews without success four times before I feel you have made the difference in getting me a step further. I don't think I'd be in this position without your help."
(District Judge applicant)


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